Therapeutic Counseling

Catholic Charities Counseling Program is designed to benefit adults, adolescents and children. The program does not treat chemical dependency as a primary diagnosis, nor do we treat psychotic disorders. We work with persons having emotional, behavioral or adjustment issues.

In working with children and adolescents, special emphasis is placed on exploring how emotions and behavior influence one another.

Coping skills such as positive reinforcement, realistic, individual goal setting, and personal responsibility, are taught to clients of all ages.


Counseling for Adults

Catholic Charities of East Tennessee offers counseling for adult individuals and couples to assist with concerns such as relationship problems, grief, anxiety, depression, and life transition/adjustment issues. Counseling emphasizes building upon personal strengths and developing new skills to help clients achieve their goals for personal and interpersonal well-being. Counseling sessions are offered in-office for 45-50 minutes. Frequency of sessions and duration of treatment are determined in consultation with the counselor.

  • Services are available to clients regardless of religious affiliation.
  • All counselors are credential and appropriately licensed.
  • Fees are based on a sliding scale, which takes into account client income and other variables. We do not accept insurance or participate in TennCare.

Our counseling programs do not treat persons with substance abuse and other addictive behaviors as a primary diagnosis, nor do we treat persons with psychotic disorders and other severe psychological conditions. Counseling is offered on a voluntary basis only and we do not accept as clients persons legally mandated or directed to receive counseling.

Presentations and Programs

Our counselors in both Knoxville and Chattanooga can provide presentations, workshops, and educational programs on a variety of topics to churches and others groups. Please contact the counseling office nearest you for information.

For printable versions of the counseling intake packets that can be printed
and completed before your initial appointment, click the appropriate link below.

Client Intake Form          Confidentiality Agreement


  • Knoxville – Contact: Fr. Michael Maples, PhD
  • Chattanooga – Contact: Kathleen Hotton, LPC-MHSP
    423-322-0057 or

c/o 119 Dameron Avenue
Knoxville, TN 37917