Sunday Stories: Sarah & Kyle’s story

Sarah was shocked when she found out that she was pregnant, and was petrified to tell her partner, Kyle, the news. She thought he would not be ready to have a baby, and they hadn’t even been together for very long. Kyle received the news well but was scared. “I didn’t think I was ready to be a dad,” he said.

Sarah and Kyle needed help. They were both working full time and were unsure of how a baby would even fit into their hectic lives. That’s when they found the Pregnancy Help Center. Through some online research, Kyle stumbled upon the CCETN website. “I knew when I saw what they had to offer, we needed to go there. I knew that they could really help us.”

Over the next months, Sarah and Kyle attended classes and learned about birth, parenting, and so much more—all the while earning baby bucks and saving for necessities like diapers and a stroller. Kyle was even able to attend a fatherhood class, and Sarah joined a weekly mom’s group.

“I was so worried that we wouldn’t be able to do this, but the Pregnancy Help Center showed us that we really can.” Sarah and Kyle now have a happy and healthy baby boy! They just one example of the many people whose lives are changed at our Pregnancy Help Centers.

Our pregnancy help centers empower mothers and fathers to become great parents. Please consider supporting the parents and children who need us most through a gift to the Pregnancy Help Center today!


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