Sunday Stories: Ronnie’s Story

Ronnie struggled with severe drug abuse that left him homeless and HIV positive. He had given up all hope until he decided to seek help at a local drug rehabilitation center. There, he placed himself on the waiting list for The Home Place. When he successfully became drug-free, Catholic Charities had a room waiting for him.

In addition to an HIV positive diagnosis, Ronnie also suffers from a kidney and liver disease and struggles with his mental health. Before the Home Place, Ronnie was unaware of what he needed to take care of himself completely-mind, body and spirit.

“When I found out I had a spot at The Home Place, I knew there was hope.”

Ronnie is extremely thankful for those who support the work of Catholic Charities of East Tennessee. “Their money is not wasted. It truly goes to valuable resources that are used to help us all better ourselves. They help us get to a point where we can be independent again.”

Without people like you investing in lives like his, Ronnie, and many others would not have a chance at truly living again. Your support is restoring dignity and changing the lives of our neighbors in need who are simply seeking a better life and do not know where to begin.

Would you please continue supporting the work of Catholic Charities of East Tennessee with us – providing the change people like Ronnie need to find hope again?


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