Sunday Stories: The Lawal Family’s Story

The Lawal Family wanted to provide their children with opportunities, so they moved to the U.S.

They arrived in the United States from their home in Nigeria on temporary worker’s visas. After 6 months, they had overstayed their visas, but the United States offered their family so much opportunity and freedom, they decided to begin the path toward citizenship. Unfortunately, the Lawal family lost most of their life savings to an individual posing as an attorney, who gave the family false hope, only to take their money and disappear.

Confused and scared, the Lawal family desperately asked their new community for help. A neighbor referred them to the Office of Immigrant Services. Arriving at their first appointment, they were fearful, but Alma reassured them that she would do everything she could to help.

Thanks to the many donations of our supporter, the Lawals were able to receive immigration legal services for almost no cost. They were able to submit the correct, completed documents and are now able to work and earn fair wages while taking care of their three children.

Here at Catholic Charities, we are blessed to help people like the Lawal family every day. Would you please consider a gift to help even more families in need? Your generosity will truly change lives for the better.


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