Sunday Stories: Wade’s Story

When Wade moved into The Home Place (Catholic Charities’ residential program for homeless adults with HIV/AIDS) he came with no support from anyone. He was homeless and unemployed. With no source of income or transportation, Wade was unable to get and take his HIV medications on a regular basis. As with any HIV medication, consistency is key to keep the viral load (the amount of HIV in your blood) at a low level.

Wade arrived at The Home Place with a single backpack of belongings, a very high viral load and was completely unsure of his surroundings. But slowly, Wade began to get settled into his fully furnished apartment. Groceries donated by volunteers supplemented Wade’s food supply, and he began to receive 31-day bus passes to get to the HIV clinic, support groups and other community resources.

Most importantly, Wade was surrounded with the love, support, and nurturing environment he needed to help him achieve his goals and make positive lifestyle changes.

Wade showed signs of improvement in his health after just one month at The Home Place. Within two months, Wade’s viral load had dropped to “undetectable.” He felt better. He looked better. He began to smile again. He secured a stable job. He left The Home Place, successfully returning to community living.

Because of the support of donors, volunteers and community partners across East Tennessee, Wade’s life was changed for the better.

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