Sunday Stories: Kim’s Story

It was the year 2009, and Kim’s youngest daughter, Allison, was diagnosed with Stargardt’s, an incurable macular degeneration disease.

Through Duke University’s Medical team, Kim was connected to Catholic Charities’ Columbus Home Assisting Parents [CHAP] program for help.

Through her partnership with CHAP, Kim was connected with the area resources necessary to ensure she had access to supportive assistance and academic resources for her child. She has been instrumental in advocating for her daughter to have every assistive visual tool available to ensure her success in the classroom and beyond.

Kim has truly become a resource for so many parents throughout East Tennessee who are facing similar challenges for their children that are being helped through the CHAP program.

But her sense of giving back to the program that helped her so deeply hasn’t stopped there.

Kim is a licensed beautician and has provided her services to CHAP clients who have left abusive households, seeking a better future for their children and themselves. She has helped multiple disadvantaged families in remote Appalachian areas by pitching in with home repairs and cleaning.

Amidst all of this, Kim also managed to go back to school to study nursing. In May of 2018, her oldest son and daughter graduated from UT, her youngest daughter Allison graduated from high school, and Kim graduated as an RN and is now employed at a local hospital.

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