Sunday Stories: Amber’s Story

“I don’t want anything to do with them.” With that, Amber’s dad signed his parental rights away and drove off.

Amber was 9 years old and she had a younger brother. When their mom left, their dad became distant and violent. The neighbors called the police and the kids were removed from their home.

As they waited for a court hearing to judge whether their father was fit to parent them, the kids were taken to the Children’s Emergency Shelter. There, the staff did everything they could to comfort and protect the kids.

When the case came before the court a few days later, Amber’s dad decided he wanted nothing to do with his children anymore. Amber and her brother tried to act brave and told their dad, “We like it here.” As he turned his back on them, he responded with, “You better get used to it, because you’re going to be living like this for a long time.”

The kids stayed at the Children’s Emergency Shelter until their caseworker found a place for them in a loving home with parents who cared for them. Their time at the shelter gave them hope, stability, and love during the interim, and allowed them realize there are trustworthy adults that cared deeply about their happiness and future.

We ask for your continued support of the work of the Children’s Emergency Shelter. Your contribution offers children like Amber and her brother the light of hope in the midst of chaos.


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