Pregnancy Testing

Whether planned or unplanned, take the first step in preparing for your future with us.

If you are looking for peace of mind, education assistance, a helping hand or a caring heart, it begins with our free confidential pregnancy testing by professional, medically trained personnel.

A positive pregnancy test verification is needed to start your journey in receiving proper medical care and assistance throughout your pregnancy. We provide this form with each positive pregnancy test administered. This form can be utilized in the process of receiving assistance in medical coverage, WIC, and setting up an appointment with an OB of your choice.

Limited Ultrasounds

Once the first step in receiving a positive pregnancy test verification is completed, our clients qualify for an ultrasound screening to receive a pregnancy confirmation.

We provide free, confidential pregnancy confirmation through the reading of a limited ultrasound by a Medical Provider.

A pregnancy test verification only confirms the presence of the HCG hormone in the urine. Since there can be several causes other than a viable pregnancy that stimulate the production of this hormone, it is important to confirm the presence of a living baby within the uterus.

Our limited ultrasounds are performed by medical professionals who have been trained and qualified to perform the task of limited sonography.

Our purpose in performing limited ultrasound is to:

  • Confirm an intrauterine pregnancy
  • Confirm fetal heart tones
  • Provide suggested gestational age
  • For social factors, relating to the mental and physical health of the mother and baby

We do not:

  • Diagnose fetal abnormalities
  • Diagnose the sex of the baby
  • Diagnose ectopic pregnancy
  • Diagnose a miscarriage


There is no evidence to suggest that ultrasound is harmful in any way. As of date, there is no known case in which ultrasound has caused harm to a mother or her baby. However, we are aware that it is possible for that to change in the future. As a result, we feel it is important to be cautious by adhering to ALARA standards.

Limited Ultrasound Appointment Instructions

One hour before the scheduled limited ultrasound, drink 16-32 ounces of water (one or two bottles of water)

You are welcome to bring support people with you. We will first meet with you one-on-one and then you may invite them in for the scan one at a time due to limited space.

What to Expect During a Limited Ultrasound

We will begin with what is called a transabdominal procedure. All that means is that we will be looking into the uterus from the outside of the belly. The procedure is performed in a private room. Clothes that are covering the abdomen/belly all the way to below the underwear line will need to be moved out of the way. Please be aware, this will leave the mother partially exposed to any guest she chooses to allow to be in the room with her. A transducer is used to send sound waves into the abdomen and then read the return of those waves to form a picture. This picture is put on a large TV in the room for the convenience of the mother and her guest. As a result of pressure on the abdomen with a full bladder, it is possible to have some discomfort, but there should be no pain.

Depending on the gestational age, it may be necessary to do what is called a transvaginal procedure. This means we will be looking into the uterus from within the vagina. This allows for a different angle of image as well as a possible closer view of the baby. If this is needed it will be performed after the transabdominal procedure. The mother will need to empty her bladder for a clear picture. Once back in the private room, she will remove her lower clothing and cover up with a procedure blanket. When she is ready, the sonographer will return to the room to perform the procedure. A transducer is used by entering the vagina to send sound waves through the cervix into the uterus to get a close-up picture. This may also cause some discomfort, but there should be no pain.

Pregnancy & Parenting Education

Parenting is a major life decision. Education on your pregnancy, delivery, after care and parenting is a must for the overall health and well-being of you and your baby. Our professional staff will assist you in navigating the challenges of pregnancy and parenthood through:

  • Friendship & Emotional Support
  • Non-Judgmental & Caring Advice
  • Medical, Legal & Community Referrals
  • Pregnancy & Parenting Classes
  • Material Assistance

Over 250 pregnancy, parenting and life-skills classes are offered both in person and virtually to both mothers and fathers. With every class completed, credit is given to purchase items needed for your baby until they reach the age of 2. Baby items such as car seats, pack-n-plays, diapers, wipes, etc. All services are free and confidential.

Adoption Services

We believe that mothers experiencing unplanned pregnancies deserve support and education on their options and resources. If you choose an adoption plan for you and your child, we will walk alongside you during the entire process.

  • We are a licensed child placing agency in the State of Tennessee.
  • All services are free and confidential.
  • We provide a designated birth parent specialist to assist you with the process.
  • All our adoptive families have a completed home study by a state certified home study writer and have been thoroughly vetted including full background checks. View our waiting families.
  • You may be eligible for pregnancy related expenses including: medical needs, rent, food, phone, maternity clothing, and pre and post adoption counseling.
  • Adoption attorney services are available at no cost to you.
  • We connect you with resources in the community to help meet your needs.

To learn more about our adoption services, you can visit or call us at 865-684-1894

Community Referrals

Since opening in 2002, the Pregnancy Help Center has established relationships with many of our community partners and agencies. Depending on your need, we refer for the following and many more:

  • Housing
  • Medical
  • Legal Assistance
  • Food Assistance
  • Domestic Violence
  • Transportation
  • Child Support
  • Emergency Assistance
  • Employment
  • Education

Project Rachel

Project Rachel reaches out to those hurting emotionally and spiritually after involvement with an abortion. Without a doubt, abortion can be one of the most traumatic experiences in a person’s life. Often, with abortion, it seemed the only solution at the time. Feelings of grief, anxiety, guilt, and anger are common not only for the woman who undergoes an abortion, but for the man involved, relatives, friends, and even medical personnel. The pain of loss is often buried initially but may be manifested by relationship difficulties, depression, or other emotional or spiritual problems. Project Rachel is available to anyone that has been affected by an abortion.

If you’re suffering because of an abortion, don’t suffer alone. If you are experiencing any of these feelings or others, Project Rachel is here to assist you in your recovery. Services offered are:

  • One-on-one counseling with a professional counselor trained in this area
  • Rachel’s Vineyard weekend retreats offered twice a year
  • Monthly support groups in Knoxville and Chattanooga
  • Support person with someone who has experienced an abortion