If you have a positive pregnancy test, you have three choices to consider:


Parenting is difficult even in the best of circumstances. It takes courage and strength. The Pregnancy Help Center walks alongside you as you navigate the complicated journey of pregnancy and parenting. You are not alone. Advocates assist both mothers and fathers with classes, referrals, and support through your pregnancy and beyond.



We believe that mothers experiencing unplanned pregnancies deserve support and education on their options and resources. We will take the time to explain each step as you determine the best decision for you and your baby.

You are in control. You can choose the family you want for your baby, or we can help with the selection. You get to determine the amount of contact you will have with your child post placement.

You have rights and deserve support. We will help ensure that you understand your rights. You have the right to receive help with legitimate pregnancy related expenses. You have the right to your own attorney at no expense to you. You have the right to receive counseling before and after placement. You have the right to be supported by a dedicated birth specialist who will advocate for you.

Please reach out to A Loving Option Adoption if you would like to talk to our Expectant Mother Specialist who can answer your questions and offer support throughout your pregnancy and beyond. You can call 865-684-1894 or email adoption@ccetn.org.



Abortion might seem like the quick easy fix for your situation. Your health and safety is very important. Knowing all you can is key prior to any medical procedure. You owe it to yourself to get all the facts you need to make a well-informed decision without pressure or judgement.

It is also very important to have your pregnancy verified even if you have taken a home pregnancy test. If you have a positive pregnancy test it is vital that you have an ultrasound done to confirm your pregnancy. While we don’t perform or refer for abortion, we highly recommend that you schedule an appointment with the Pregnancy Help Center before making any life-changing decisions.