Girl Scout Beth Ohmes of Troop 20263 successfully collected over 12,000 diapers as part of her Gold Award project. Wanting to help families and mothers in need, she donated the diapers to CCETN’s Pregnancy Help Centers. CCETN serves some of East Tennessee’s most vulnerable families.

Beth has been a Girl Scout for over a decade, starting as a first-year Daisy in Kindergarten and is now working on becoming a Gold Award Girl Scout.

“The Gold Award requires 80 hours and the main objective of my project is to update CCETN’s online database of community resources to be current, easily accessible, and simple to understand,” said Beth. “The Mother’s Day Diaper Drive was a part of my project that allowed me to organize a group and make a larger impact on my community. I selected this issue for my project because I wish to help families and mothers in need of help in my community, work with a Catholic organization, and provide a lasting impact, even if it is indirectly.”

Her goal is to finish the project this summer. Following the successful completion of her project, Beth will be awarded the Gold Award at a ceremony in the Spring of 2024.

The Gold Award is the highest award that a Senior or Ambassador Girl Scout (grades 9-12) can earn. To become a Gold Award Girl Scout, a girl identifies an issue that’s important to her, then develops and carries out an innovative and sustainable solution with measurable impact.

“I go to All Saints Catholic Parish and am a very active member, even as a teenager,” said Beth. “I desired to help a Catholic organization for that reason, and I also adore children and wish to help pregnant mothers in need.”

She added that there are several CCETN members that she knows in her church community and decided to reach out to see what kind of things she could do to help them.

“Through this project, I was able to help a program I admire in my community that does so much,” Beth explained. “I was able to connect with hard-working and very giving adult women who help the lives of so many everyday. I established new connections and learned how much our choices to donate can help others.”

Chasity Galyon, Coordinator of Pregnancy Services at CCETN said that Beth has gone above and beyond with her project.

“Beth has committed to expanding our database of community resources,” said Galyon. “Her project will provide lasting impact as we will be able to easily search for updated community resources that are specific to our clients. She also went above and beyond by coordinating a Mother’s Day Diaper Drive to bless our PHC families. The drive was incredibly successful!”

When Beth began planning for the diaper drive, she had no idea how successful it would be. To facilitate the drive, she contacted Catholic Churches in the area, explained her project, and asked if they were willing to serve as collection points.

“At first, I wasn’t sure how successful my diaper drive would be and set my goal to about 5,000 individual diapers,” she said. “However, I collected over 12,000 diapers through the Mother’s Day Drive!”

Beth said this project was meaningful to her because it allowed her to make a real difference.

“This project allowed me to really make a difference and show that anyone can make a difference,” said Beth. “A teen girl can organize a drive and collect over 12,000 diapers to help mothers who are struggling to provide for their children. My project will help families in need to get the expensive supplies they need to care for their babies. I was overjoyed with the result of this project.”


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