Community Action Councils

Our three community action councils are groups of dedicated volunteers that work directly with the Catholic Charities development team on creating, planning, and executing multiple fundraising and outreach events within their communities.


Want to help? Please contact development coordinator Ashley Cornell.

Ann Epps
Rebekah Foster
Mary Margaret Haywood
Jane Hubbard
Ann May
Joe Sawyer
Bob Scheri
Dan Shanahan
Christine Shumpert
Karen Sloan
Matt Stovall
Tom Tidwell
Rev. Jim Vick
Micheal Watson



We’re always looking for new members! Please contact development coordinator Ashley Cornell.

Jessica Allen
Paul Attanasio
Amy Bare
Shelby Beck
Janice Berkley
Mike Braun
Beth Ellis
Nancy Guertin
Jeffrey Kendall
Charlie Kite
Michael Kull
Jessica Mearns
Barbara O’Brien
Dave O’Dell
Nataly Padilla
Regan Seavers
Laura Williams
Julie Winstead



We’re looking forward to getting our newest Community Action Council up and running in the Tri-Cities in 2018. Please email development coordinator Ashley Cornell for details.

RuthAnn Ranker