Columbus Home Children’s Emergency Shelter

Emergency Care for Children Removed from the Home

Columbus Home Children’s Shelter was established in 2006, at the request of Knox County Juvenile Court, as a caring and safe haven for children removed from the home and awaiting longer-term placement.

Why the Program is Important

The children brought to our shelter are in an unstable and tenuous position. Taken from a situation of endangerment, they are not yet in state’s custody and are therefore ineligible for placement in foster or group homes. Our goal is to assist the courts in keeping children out of state’s custody and, if at all possible, placing them with appropriate relatives and providing them with needed support services.

How the Program Works

Children may remain in the shelter for up to 10 days, allowing the courts, the Department of Children’s Services, and Child Protective Services time to make a thorough assessment of the family situation before deciding on longer-term placement for the child. Physical, social/emotional and cognitive assessment of the child is conducted by our staff and is a part of the placement recommendation.

The Greatest Need

While the state provides some funding for the shelter, this covers only a small percentage of the costs involved in maintaining a 24/7 residential program. The additional funds needed must be raised through a combination of public and private foundation grants and corporate and individual donors. Every dollar is needed, every dollar is appreciated, and every dollar is efficiently and effectively used.

c/o 119 Dameron Avenue
Knoxville, TN 37917
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Contact: Amanda McKay

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