Columbus Home Children’s Shelter and Assessment Center (CESAC) provides 24 hour/365 days per year shelter for children from birth to 17 years of age who have been removed from the home by authorities due to allegations of abuse, neglect or other endangerment.  Duration of stay may be as long as 10 days. Children receive safe, loving care while authorities work to place them with appropriate kin or in foster care.

CoHo Safe Place for Kids is our newest program that opened in April 2022.  The Safe Place for Kids offers a stable, loving environment with age-appropriate activities where kids can play, study and rest while waiting for foster placement.  Duration of stay may be a few hours to potentially overnight.  Children often come with few belongings, so clothes, hygiene items, snacks and meals are provided.

C.E.S.A.C provided 346 bed nights in the last year. 

Fast Facts

- Catholic Charities of East Tennessee served more than 3322 individuals last year.
- We offer nine innovative programs to serve anyone with demonstrated need, regardless of religious affiliation.
- We estimate that fewer than 5% of the neighbors we serve Catholic.


Our Clients

- Children who are victims of abuse, neglect, or other endangerment.
- Seniors, including the homebound, the homeless, and victims of elder abuse.
- Women and men preparing for the arrival of an unplanned baby.
- Homeless individuals living with HIV/AIDS or with chronic mental health issues.
- Families in hardship, including immigrants, refugees, and rural Appalachian families.


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