Participants from Catholic HEART Workcamp recently spent a week doing service work at CCETN. The work groups served at Samaritan Place, CCETN’s Division Street property, and a CHAP in Scott County. They also attended summer camp festivities at Crazy Quilt Friendship Center, where they were able to do crafts and play games.

The participants helped us complete projects from beautification to cleaning and painting.  Participants worked outside mulching, raking, and planting. At one location they painted, cleaned out a basement storage area and one of the  groups built stairs and hand railings to assist a client in need. Much fun was had as the volunteer youth played games and did crafts with the local youth at the CCETN summer camp.

“The attitude of the kids was just phenomenal,” said Lisa Ingle, Special Projects Manager. “They put a lot of thought into what it meant to them to serve the clients in our mission and their professionalism throughout was just great; wonderful.”

Ingle explained that the youth from the workcamp came from all over. Those in her group came from Tennessee, Georgia, Illinois, and Kentucky. This year, there were over 300 participants in the Knoxville area that went to a wide range of nonprofits to serve.

“They’ve been coming to serve at CCETN for several years,” said Ingle. “It’s a great blessing for us to be able work among the young people as they volunteer their time to serve people in the community.”

About Catholic HEART Workcamp: CHWC offers youth-friendly, Catholic short term mission trips. It all started in 1993 in Orlando, FL with 1 camp and has grown to over 50 locations around the world. Catholic HEART Workcamp faithfully and enthusiastically serves the Roman Catholic Church and its teachings and is an excellent opportunity to “love the least of these.”


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