Day 6: Lindy’s Story

“Lindy” came to Samaritan Place in April 2017.  Lindy was a victim of domestic abuse and had just been released from the hospital where she was admitted due to her injuries.

Upon her entry at Samaritan Place, it was discovered that not only was she a victim of physical abuse, Lindy was also a victim of financial exploitation.  She had no financial resources, no identification, and was not able to return to her home, which she owned, because her abuser was still there.

Samaritan Place case management collaborated with multiple agencies to ensure the best outcome for Lindy.  The first collaboration was with a local payee who helped Lindy get her social security monies into a new bank account so that her abuser would no longer have access to her finances.  The second collaboration was connecting Lindy with Legal Aid of East Tennessee and The Family Justice Center.  It was with the help of these two agencies that Lindy was able to obtain an order of protection and a three day eviction notice to her abuser (whom was still living in Lindy’s property.)

During her stay at Samaritan Place, Lindy began to reclaim her self-respect.  She learned that there are individuals who would help her, not hurt her.  She made friendships and even gained some much needed weight with the correct nutrition available to her.

Lindy was able to move back into her home within 1.5 months of residing at Samaritan Place. It isn’t often the abuser is taken away from the home and the resident is able to return.  Everyone was thrilled with the results including the improvement of Lindy’s physical and mental health. Lindy was most excited about being reconnected with her beloved pets—one cat and two dogs.

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