Day 4: Darin’s Story

Darin had been homeless for seven years. Occasionally, a stranger would open their door to him but things were never quite what they seemed, and these temporary solutions never lasted long. Thankfully, Darin was eventually able to find housing through The Home Place, which is an independent living facility for the homeless living with HIV/AIDS.

During Darin’s time with us at The Home Place, he would wake up each day at the five pictures hanging over his head and be reminded he was home. His sister had taken those very pictures on a trip to Italy. Darin had them framed and carried them with him for seven years – amazingly, without a scratch on them. Darin knew that one day, he would have a home to hang them in. The Home Place was just that for him.

During his time with us, Darin learned what a safe home is – and to this day, finds it difficult to put into words how much that means to him. “I am forever grateful and in awe of the grace that is The Home Place – and I’m still amazed that a place like it even exists,” states Darin.

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