Day 1: Patricia’s Story

Two-year-old Patricia was born premature, and as a result, faces developmental challenges each day. Patricia’s birth father is deceased, and her mother Jessica is happily remarried to a wonderful man named Guillermo.

Jessica came to our Columbus Home Assisting Parents [CHAP] program needing help locating legal resources in her area for Guillermo who wishes to adopt Patricia, officially becoming her father. CHAP provides home-based parent supportive services, education and case management for families in need. CHAP was able to put the couple in touch with an attorney who agreed to help the family with the adoption process and is doing most of the work pro bono, with the rest of the fees being given through CHAP’s client assistance account.

Guillermo’s adoption of Patricia will provide permanency and stability throughout her life. She is already tightly bonded to him, so the next step is to complete the process through court and have her last name legally changed, which should happen in the next six months.  As they wait for that day, they have welcomed another member to their family, a daughter named Grace. Grace was born six weeks premature and is still being cared for at the NICU at UT Medical Center. The family looks forward to welcoming Grace home soon, and shortly thereafter, they will all share the same last name.

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