Samaritan Place

Samaritan Place provides shelter and support for seniors in crisis. It is one of a handful of such programs in the United States where a complete continuum of care from emergency to independent housing, is offered for this population. Because homelessness issues are different for seniors than for their younger counterparts, Samaritan Place provides not only shelter and nourishment, but intensive case management focused on that population’s unique needs.

Samaritan Place provided safe shelter for 192 seniors in need in FY22-23.

Samaritan Place offers emergency, transitional, and permanent housing services, which allow the guest and his/her case worker the time needed for appropriate evaluation and arrangement of the best possible living situation and supportive services. Through our permanent supportive housing program, we are able to offer housing to some seniors who would not be able to maintain independent housing without some additional supports.

Resources for those working toward a stable housing solution:

Cost of Assisted Living in Knoxville | Financial Aid & Care Resources for Seniors

Samaritan Place focuses on the core outcomes of increased control, decreased vulnerability, access to resources, and an improved support network. Our overarching goal is to help ensure that each guest is able to live in the most independent environment possible that still ensures his or her safety.

Seniors come to Samaritan Place through traditional homeless shelters, hospitals, Adult Protective Services, and other community resources. Basic eligibility criteria are: age 60 and older; not a threat to self or others; ambulatory; and able to manage daily activities with minimal assistance.

3009 Lake Brook BLVD.
Knoxville, TN 37909
(865) 684-1880

In partnership with:

United Way
Knoxville Academy of Medicine
East Tennessee Foundation